New Moscow equip navigators

Residents of the capital will be easier to move around the apartment. Navigation system will be installed in all apartment buildings under construction in Moscow. As reported in the capital’s construction complex now Muscovites will be able to make more informed route to his apartment. “Navigators” Navid “Russian specialists developed specifically for the building complex of Moscow, – said Deputy Head of the publication of our building complex Mitrokhin, Oleg. – It’s no secret that people sometimes do not move around the apartment closest routes, and sometimes do not know why they have somewhere to come – for example, to the window. Plan your move in the apartment more than just help Muscovites apartment navigators. ” According to the source agency, navigators, “Navid” initially will be marked with the main objects of the apartment – a refrigerator, TV, toilet, bed and door. Communication between these objects, the shortest routes between them – will also be incorporated in the Navigator. “Every tenant at the same time be able to add any additional, desired him to an object (such as a balcony) and pave the path to it from anywhere in the apartment” – stressed A. Mitrokhin. Daily route of the man in the apartment will be remembered by the software navigator and corrected. If, for example, the next day a man from the refrigerator by mistake, do not go to the TV and into the hall, immediately you will hear a warning signal. The decision to equip the new buildings of the capital rented apartments navigators, was preceded by testing the device. Navigator “Navid” was tested during the month in the focus group, consisting of several dozen residents of Moscow. Here are some of their reviews: Helen, aged 36, housewife: I used to often wandered aimlessly through the apartment, not knowing what to do. But now, thanks to navigators, “Navid” I am currently a route for the day. And if you suddenly forget that 12:15 should eat yogurt from the refrigerator, and at 13:10 to start watching the show, this reminds me to my true home navigator.Sergey, 46, a businessman, owner of the network of dealers: Until late in the evening I work in his company. Once back home – have a business plan for tomorrow and the rest. Thanks to the apartment navigator, I have every step of the evening, painted by the minute. It is particularly convenient Navidom application for the iPhone, allowing you to view and adjust the pre-route nearest vechera.Nikita, ‘22, the blogger: Back when I wrote an important post, and sometimes even forgot to go for chips in the kitchen. But now the housing navigator helps me to move the fastest routes to the bathroom and kitchen, almost without detracting from the blogosphere. First Capital building, inside apartment is equipped with navigation will be built in the area of Marino to the end of August this goda.

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